Wednesday, January 23, 2019


About Me
Treva Tabios began painting in 2018. To date, she also creates a haiku with each painting. She lives in Southern California. Her paintings are also available for viewing at

Recent Paintings
"[Untitled]", 40 x 60", acrylic on canvas

"Haiku to Canvas" at North Fork Arts Projects, Saint Helena, CA. January 2019

Exhibited (2018) Paintings

"Indulge" (Treva's First Painting!)

"Consume by fire"

"Flower child"


"Wild Ride"


"Bleeding Mind"

"City of angels"


"In my head"




Treva's painting "Flower child" is featured in the article "New gallery in California celebrates Filipino art" by Walter Ang, Inquirer, Nov. 14, 2018 with this illustration:

Northfork Arts Projects art gallery curator Eileen Tabios holding 
artwork by Maria Fatima Urbi. Artwork on wall by Treva Tabios. 
Sculpture on floor by Philippine National Artist Napoleon Abueva.